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JOYLAND (Pvt.) Ltd. Lahore

The company is running recreational park at Fortress stadium, Lahore for last 20 years. They are pioneer and market leaders of the recreational industry in Lahore


Siddiqsons Industries (Pvt.) Ltd.
(Denim unit)

Fully integrated unit comprising of warping from benninger, Switzerland-Indigo dyeing from master. Italy- weaving picanol shutterless & air jet looms, Belgium & Ishikawa Japan- finishing from Monoforts- Germany.

Siddiqsons Industries (Pvt.) Ltd.
(Processing unit)

Dyeing & Printing for woven fabrics.

Siddiqsons Denim Mills (Pvt.) Ltd.

Fully integrated denim unit
Schlafhorst autocoro producing excellent (Spinning unit) quality open and yarn, ideal for denim.

Noor Fashions (Pvt.) Ltd.

Fully integrated denim unit.

Indigo dyeing & weaving mills. Siddiqsons Knits (Pvt.) Ltd. Dyeing & “Circular rotary” printing for knitted fabrics. Siddiqsons Energies Ltd
114 MW Power Generation Proposed project.

Siddiqsons Group is a holder of number of best export performance trophies of FPCCI. Siddiqsons Tin Plate, windhurkm from Karachi Is the first and the only Tin Plate Baluchistan 95 manufacturing company of Pakistan established in 1999 in collaboration with SOLLAC of France and Mitsubishi Corporation of Japan. The project has the capacity to produce Tin Plate over 120,000 metric tons per annum.

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